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NFAA Awards Programs

One of the greatest assets of the NFAA is its diversified awards program. There are awards for tournament competition on all levels: National, Sectional, State and Club, as well as for hunting prowess. For field and hunter rounds there is the 20 pin award. Shoot a score of 20 out of a possible 20 and you earn a pin. After that you earn a bar to attach to the pin for every 20 you score on a different yardage. Once you have all the bars you have earned the popular perfect pin. An identical system is used for the international round, the only difference being that you score 15 points per target. On the animal round you must shoot a perfect 280 to earn the perfect pin. Complete details and applications are available from NFAA headquarters.

Anyone who telescopes an arrow in the highest scoring area of a target during a sanctioned archery tournament can apply for the Fellowship of Robinhood award. Ever pull a "boner" during a tournament? Join "The Order of the Bone". Yes, there are still other awards offered. Check with your secretary, or look them up in the NFAA Constitution.

Many of our clubs have indoor and outdoor leagues. The NFAA offers you help in these areas with a complete program kit on how to run these leagues, including forms to keep records and how to establish handicaps. Any NFAA chartered club or archery lane may apply for either the indoor or outdoor Archery League Program, just call or write NFAA headquarters.

The game awards of the NFAA are known as the Art Young Awards. There is a big game program and a small game program. Under each program the first level is an attractive arrowhead pin. Both programs are quite extensive and prestigious among the bowhunting fraternity. The first level of award under the Art Young Big Game program is the Bowhunter. From there you progress to Expert Bowhunter, Master Bowhunter and Grandmaster. Applications for awards are made through NFAA headquarters and must be properly documented. If you are a hunter, check these programs out, once you get involved you’ll want to move up the ladder, you might even win the coveted Diamond Buck Award for the largest typical or non-typical mule deer, whitetail deer or blacktail deer based on Pope and Young antler measurements that are awarded annually. For an application and list of species, see our documents section.

In addition to the Art Young Big Game pin for North American Big Game, a similar Art Young Big Game pin is awarded for exotic species taken with the bow and arrow according to NFAA rules. Each species within a group receives an Art Young Game patch, which can be obtained by sending in the Big Game application form and appropriate fee to NFAA headquarters.

For those that enjoy bow fishing there is a Bowfisher Program and Awards. Every year the NFAA recognizes the Bowfisher of the year. The largest fish in each of four categories determines the winner. The categories are shark, carp, gar and ray. There are two different types of patches. One patch denotes that you are a NFAA Bowfisher, the other a bar type patch that denotes the type of fish you have taken.

A frequently asked question is: "Who establishes these awards?" The NFAA, being a Federation of States, has one Director from every NFAA chartered state in the US. These Directors meet annually and decide the direction of the NFAA. They are the ones that establish the awards. Programs are reviewed annually.

If your club has a Junior program you might want to inquire about the NFAA Junior Bowhunter program.. The basic patch for the participant is round with a deer jumping over a stump that has an arrow in it, like in the NFAA logo. Bars underneath designate the shooting style, barebow, freestyle or freestyle limited. A series of bars is earned as the proficiency of the archer improves. It’s a great way to keep up the young archers interest and makes a better all around shooter. A complete set of incentive patches is available through NFAA headquarters.

If you aren’t already an NFAA member, give it some serious thought. Want to join now? Just call 605-260-9729. NFAA headquarters will help get you into the finest national archery organization in the country: The National Field Archery Association.
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