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Miscellaneous Info

Bow peak draw weight shall not exceed the following:
  • Compound Divisions - 80 lbs
  • Recurve Divisions - 60 lbs
  • Arrow maximum diameter allowed will be 0.422 inches with point diameter not to exceed 0.425 inches


Archers may choose either the 40cm "Vegas" three-spot target face with gold-red-blue (10-9-8-7-6) scoring areas or the 40cm Single spot face with 10 through 1 scoring rings. The X-ring of the 40cm Indoor Vegas Face will be used for tie breaks in the flight Divisions and for 4th place or below in the Championship divisions. All Youth recurve division competitors will shoot on the 60cm Indoor Face and all Youth compound division competitors will use the standard 40cm Vegas single spot face or the Vegas three-spot target face.

20 Yards


Each round on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will consist of ten ends; 3 arrows per end. The Youth divisions will shoot two rounds; one each on Friday and Saturday.

A shooting rules sheet will be made available to all archers upon check in. These rules are in addition to those published here. You are expected to know the equipment rules for your division.

You may enter either a Championship Division or a Flight Division. You will remain in the same division all three days. The number of places offered in each Championship Division will be determined by the number of entries in that division. The tournament guarantees the first three places for each division will not change, unless the number of entries in that division is less than 20. Subsequent places will be based on attendance. This will guarantee that prize money is paid out fairly based on registration by division.

Flights will be determined after the final round of competition on Sunday. The method or methods used for determining the flights can be any combination of all three days of competition. This will be done at the discretion of the tournament management.

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